Argylefarm Creations Price list

Below is a list of some of the prices for carts that I have made. If you don't

see something listed here, and you want a custom order, please email me for a quote.

Model carts and carriages.

 Stablemate sized PLEASURE CART  $ 32.00
 Stablemate sized 4 WHEEL SHOW CART  $ 28.00
 Stablemate sized MEADOWBROOK CART  $ 36.00
Stablemate sized TEXAS COTTON WAGON  $ 35.00
 Stablemate sized HUCKSTER OR BUCKBOARD WAGON  $ 35.00
 Littlebits/Paddock pals sized PLEASURE CART  $ 32.00
 Littlebits/ Paddock pals sized 4 WHEEL SHOW CART  $ 32.00
 Littlebits/ Paddock pals sized COVERED WAGON  $ 45.00
 Littlebits/ Paddock pals sized HUCKSTER, BUCKBOARD OR TEXAS COTTON WAGON  $ 35.00
 Classic sized COUNTRY GIG CART  $ 55.00
 Traditional sized PLEASURE CART $ 65.00
 Traditional sized 4 WHEEL SHOW CART  $ 75.00
 Traditional sized MEADOWBROOK CART  $ 75.00

 $ 75.00
 Traditional sized PHEATON CART  $ 75.00

 Traditional sized TEXAS COTTON WAGON  $ 70.00
 Traditional sized HUCKSTER OR BUCKBOARD WAGON  $ 70.00

 Traditional sized COUNTRY GIG /DOG CART  $ 75.00
 Classic sized COUNTRY GIG / DOG CART  $ 75.00

Pebbles/ little Bits size COUNTRY GIG / DOG CART  $ 60.00
 Stablemate sized COUNTRY GIG/ DOG CART  $ 45.00

 Traditional sized CIRCUS WAGON Animal cage  $ 75.00
 Stablemate sized CIRCUS WAGON Animal cage  $ 55.00


* Not in production at this time. Ask about custom orders.

SM/Chips 1:32 scale / LB,PP/ 1:20 scale / Pebbles scale 1:24

Classic/doll house 1:12-1:16 scale/ Traditional 1:8-9 scale

Prices in effect through December 2012



   Model horse tack, carts and harnesses in all 4 sizes are available by custom order.  Ready to ship harnesses and tack, on ebay.

See our weekly listing for items. Go to ebay and user name: argylefarm  for current listings.

                                Stablemate/Litlbit    Classic      Traditional
FINE HARNESS    $ 32.00   $ 32.00   $  55.00ea.
TEAM HARNESS    $45.00 ea.   $65.00 ea.    $  75.00 ea.
                                      Stablemate          Classic   Traditional

 DRAFT HARNESS  $ 45.00 ea.  $ 45.00 ea.  $ 75.00 ea.




Cart and wagon selections and designs may vary due to the available materials and supplies.

All leather products are made from genuine leather in black or natural colors only. Metal attachments are made of rust resistant materials.

Hardwood materials for fabrication of carts and carriages. Each piece is handmade. Some runs are limited and prices may change without notice.

Some carts are signed and numbered. Custom color and special orders require special pricing, email for quote.

Personal checks and money orders accepted. No returns on special order items.


Items are mailed on Mon, Tues, Wed, each week using a variety of shippers,

depending on package size and destination.

 Please add the following for shipping and handling:


Bridles and small accessories $2.00 (padded envelope)

Harnesses, all types $10.50 (box, priority)

Jumps, plants, small props $8.00 (box, priority mail)

Carts, Carriages, wagons and buggies of all types and sizes $20.00 (includes insurance)

For questions you may call:

Argylefarm Creations

(818) 515-5453

Monday thru Thursday

10a.m. - 6p.m.

Pacific time only please

   email orders and questions to

                   Include quantity and item discription with your order.

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