CUSTOM MADE 1/32 scale




For Breyer Stablemates &

Peter Stone Chips scale model horses.

Create at your own diorama, live show display,

or for your childs imagination.

Sold in kits and as separates.

You glue and assemble to your liking. Creating barn and stable areas for your model horses.

Made from laser cut plywood, these durable panels can be painted and sanded to your needs.


Basic Barn Style "A" Kit

$25.00 plus $8.00 shipping

This simple barn kit comes with 2 plain roof support wall panels, 1 wall with window, 1 wall with door.

1 door with window and slide mechanism. 1 cobble stone design floor base. 2 roof panels.


Sold by the piece to create your own designs.

Some configurations can be custom made, please email for price quote.



Barn Floor Tiles measure 5.5x5.5inches

Plain board $3.00 ea//cobblestone design $4.00 ea.


Roof panels, sold in sets of 2 only. large or small tiles

6x3 inch -- panel $4.00 pair


Roof panels, sold in sets of 2 only. large or small tiles

11.5 x 3 inches -- panel $6.00 pair


Door panel with door & open window $6.00

5x4 in. panel -- 2x4 in. door with window

Add $2.00 for bars on window


Double stall door panel with 2 doors & open window

10x4 in. panel --$10.00

Add $2.00 for each barred window


Single door wall panel No Door $4.00

5x4 in. panel


Wall with Roof support plain panel $4.00 each

5x5 in. panel


Wall with window in center plain panel $4.00 each 5x4 in. panel -- Add Bars $2.00

***Double sided etching add $4.00


Wall with window in center roof support panel $5.00 5x5 in. panel -- Add bars $3.00

***Double sided etching add $4.00


Paddock Panel with roof support $5.00 each

5x5in. panel ***Double sided etching add $4.00


Doors measure 4x2 inches. Come in two styles: with bars $3.00 ea. and without bars $2.00 ea. Comes with slide mechanism attached, design may vary.


Wood panel, large, measures 2 3/8 x 5in. $4.00

***Double sided etching add $4.00


Wood panel, small, measures 1 3/4 x 5in. $3.00

***Double sided etching $3.00


Wall with window in center, shown here with bars added.


Wood panel, sm or lg, shown here with added chrome bar on top edge Add $1.00 per panel





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